YKKF stands for Yudansha Kobujitsu Karate-Doh Federation (Black belt ancient martial arts empty handed ways).YKKF is a fraternal organization of many arts and styles recognizing the intrinsic worth and value of every system. Martial arts are founded upon universal principles of MOVEMENT, MORALITY and ETIQUETTE.It is in the spirit of Budo (Martial ways) that all schools of YKKF work in harmony with each other for their mutual advancement and the discovery of the meaning and the ultimate purpose of Budo. RESPECT, HONOUR AND FRATERNITY are the values that shares the members of Y.K.K.F.  The YKKF was founded in 1978 by
Ron Yamanaka
and it can count thousand of members in many countries, in particular:


Antigua England Jamaica
Armenia France Netherlands
Belgium Hungary Portugal
Bulgaria India Russia
Canada Israel Singapore
Cuba Iraq Switzerland
Dominican Republic Iran Ukraine
Egypt Italy U.S.A.


The YKKF International President is Giovanni Di Meglio Shihan, 7th Dan Kyoshi Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do & 7th Dan Kyoshi Shindo-Ryu Jujutsu, Ron Yamanaka's direct student. He has been living in the world of martial arts for 35 years teaching and learning in many Dojo all over the world. In this site you can find information about official federal activities of YKKF like seminars, congresses, International grading tests and lots more.
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